Saturday, March 14

Sat. March 14th… Remember to blog…remember to blog…forgot…

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Well, the critters are fed and watered, the feed we got yesterday from Agway, to hold us over for today, is in containers where it belongs, the truck battery is on the charger to get it running to go to Agway for the regular multi-million dollar feed pick-up and I got more accomplished too!!! I did the thirty page application, installed sticky arrows where I need additional paperwork and sold nine dozen eggs to two different folks too.
After breakfast, we will head over to Agway to get the feed, return and put it into the feed room in the barn and then work on the side lights where the Alpacas will pasture. We might even get some lights in the upstairs before having to quit and clean up for our dinner engagement with our good friends, Joyce W. and Stanley Maltzman. Well, breakfast is over and the battery charged, so we’ll be off to the farmers feed plot………
Hilltown Agway.
oh yeah……… yesterday while we were there, Vick ordered five turkeys (can’t count on Timmy…I think he’s gay) and 25 Bantam’s which will arrive sometime soon. WOW…… 25.…… might as well start incubating too. 21 days for chickens and another 16 weeks…
or four months on starter food……wow, that’s 4½ months… so hatch them now and we can turn them out of the brooding house in August to run with the adult birds and go to the new barn.
THAT’S A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya later!!!!

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