Friday, March 13

Friday, March 13th… missing this…missing that…sometimes lost!

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Hi everyone… sorry for missing the morning blog, but I get all engrossed in this stupid, thirty page application for the 501C not for profit, funding corporation we are trying to acquire from the IRS to run the Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. entity, for the generation of funds, to help support the Columbia-Greene County Hospice, a chapter of The Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State. I cannot believe it is so difficult to achieve a not-for-profit tax exemption to help the people providing “end of life care” to people in their final stages of life. We are building the 20 x 28’ gift shop on the farm premises and stocking it with a lot of items to sell, increasing our insurance policies to cover it and visitors to the farm and gift shop, yet still working our butts off to make and acquire the merchandise to stock the gift shop. On top of all this time consuming, expense we are gladly providing, we must spend out time filling out paperwork promising how we will run it, handle the money, follow a written “Charitable Trust Declaration”, specific written Articles of Incorporation, developing an Organizing Document, develop a Conflict of Interest Policy, address any present or future compensation arrangements, vendor selection procedures, how we would handle a dissolution of organizational funding if we ever shut down the entity. After all that………… they still want us to fill out their thirty page application and send a photocopy of a document of acceptance of funding from the Hospice people and a few other document companies. And after all that…… I remember I didn’t do a blog entry this morning. Then I forgot again until Vicki reminded me that you all want to see a blog entry today.
Soooooooooooooo, here is a blog entry, my apologies for forgetting……… again……… and a line to say what else we did today. We went to Hilltown Agway and picked up three bags of layer pellets and two bags of scratch feed for the chickens and ducks, then went on up to Rensselaer to the B&D Glass Crafters, met a really nice lady by the name of Darlene, picked up some solder and saw some really nice stained glass. Sure beats running all the way down the thruway, to Newburg. We had to go somewhere because Vicki ordered five rolls of solder from Warner-Crivellaro Glass in Allentown, Pa, but that will not be here until after the weekend and she needed to finish the eight or nine wall hanging quilt squares for the display at Two Kids Bakery in Greenville. To accomplish that today or tomorrow, we needed to grab 60-40 solder NOW, so we went to Rensselaer and picked two rolls up to finish them. Since getting home at around 5:30, I have been up to my eyeballs in this paperwork. I’M DONE FOR FRIDAY THE 13TH, RIGHT NOW!!!!! ………………And that’s the rest of the story…………… ……………………… Gooooooood Day!

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