Thursday, March 12

Thurs March 12th… When it Left…… it Didn’t Come Back……

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Last evening when the hazing sun drifted below the tree line and dipped down past the horizon, the 43° temperatures we enjoyed yesterday went with it, as we watched the mercury in the thermometer drop as fast as the setting sun. This morning, the sun returned as usual, but the mercury didn’t. It’s COLD!!!!! It’s only 27° right now, with a brisk 17 to 24 mph wind that drops the chill factor to 15° and they barely give us hope for a possible 33° by three o’clock this afternoon. Not much to look forward to…… unless you care to remember that we could have snow on the ground…sub freezing temperatures like last month and ice… freezing rain, which is a kind word for ICE.Remove Formatting from selectionRemove Formatting from selectionENOUGH! Remove Formatting from selectionRemove Formatting from selection
I’ll wait…… it won’t be long now…… As we’ve said before, spring is coming and that mercury in the thermometer, will slink and follow that raging tiger that ushered March in this year. We know that we will have a cold day, then a warm day or a run of either… but the bottom line is that spring is coming soon…… and that arctic wind can’t stop it now. It may push it back a little, but it will continue its trek toward summer, re-warming us like a cup of smooth, silky cocoa, enjoyed in front of a blazing fireplace.
I think today, we will concentrate on some more paperwork, since it is so cold and unfriendly outside. We can always use this time to get tax papers in order and set up all the accounting for Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. We still have that stupid, thirty page application for the 501C to complete and get ready to send. We are still awaiting the building permit, so we can start to build the gift shop and in the mean time, I could take a few measurements on the rear deck and do the planning for the roofing we want to install over the picnic table and grill end of the deck. There is plenty for Vick and I to do during a little cold spell. Stay warm folks………

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