Wednesday, March 11

Wed. Eve March 11th… Watching airplanes today’s Highlight!!

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Vicki and I went to Albany again today, which we expected to do anyhow, because we were expecting to pick up our business cards for Angelgirl Productions, which is Vicki’s new artwork business name and our regular Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. business cards from Kinko‘s. Instead, they called this morning and told us that they didn’t come out very good and we had better come up and look at them before they printed them. DUH…. Do you think we really should????
After seeing them, you gotta wonder why they didn’t just fix the blurry angel on the one card and increase the font size on the hospice card so you could read it……… or at least ask if we wanted them to do that, while we were on the phone, but Noooooooooo, we had to run all the way up there, look at them and then tell them to do those two little things. In fact, I threw both documents into paint and corrected the problem, threw then on Vicki’s SD card here before we went up to Kinko’s. We left there planning to make the same trip tomorrow, to pick the finished cards up …… but while eating dinner at the Capital Buffet, we decided we should just go back and pay them and have them shipped to us tomorrow or Friday sometime, rather than run up there again…… After all, they are FedEx ya know…… Leaving from there, we started home and when we were nearing the Albany International Airport, I noticed a large commercial airliner ready to take off, so I swung into the observation parking lot and we sat there for a half hour, watching airplanes take off and land. I could sit there all day long with a picnic basket and a thermos of coffee and watch planes come and go, kind of like my Dad and his brother always did at the Lewistown train station…… just watching the trains come and go. After seeing several take off and land, we headed for home……… and that is how we spent this entire day…… such a waste…and such fun.. I spent it all with Vicki......

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