Wednesday, March 11

Wed. March 11th… A really dreary day…rainy but warm @ 42 deg…

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WOW….all the snow is gone… except for the places I piled snow high, clearing walkways and the driveway and a few places where it drifted fairly deep. It’s actually nice to see the grass and woods without the snow, even though I enjoyed this winter more than any since my childhood. Once you’re retired and you and your wife resign to the fact and embrace that “God put it here… God will take it away“…… and you only plow or snow blow where you need to, you’ll enjoy winter more. When you can stay inside in the warm when it’s bitter and you don’t have to be out, or you can just roll over and sleep for another hour when it’s raining, sleeting or snowing…… you’ll find you like winter more. If you look past the mess and see all the natural beauty of winter, as it happen before your very eyes, you’ll learn to like winter…… and remember, enjoy it as it comes, because all too soon, the warm, sunny weather will return and it will be gone again.

The Pupskill Creek has opened and the water is running briskly toward the culvert pipes under the roadway, which at this point, appear to still be able handle the snow melt runoff right now. We still have solid ice on the Pupskill Lake Pond, and it appears that it will take a pretty lengthy time to melt it away, without the sun and warm temperatures we had last week, for a couple of days. We would need a week of really sunny, fifty degree days for the ice to clear, so we can see our fish and the lovely ripples of the lake water when we look out the kitchen window again. Much as I’ve loved and enjoyed this winter, I truly am looking forward to the beauty of spring too…… and it’s gonna happen...... in just nine more days. We’re READY for the warm, fragrant breezes, carrying the smells of spring flowers to us and feeling the sun’s warmth, as the grass and trees start to spring forth with their leave and flowers. The critters will look forward to being out all day in the yard, foraging for anything they can find and we will get the two incubators running with chicks hatching almost everyday, after about 21 days of starting them. We plan on hatching out chickens, guinea hens, Bantams, ducks and having some more turkey’s too. The Alpacas are coming in less than a month and we’re ready for them too. Yes, I loved winter, but I’m so excited and ready for spring and summer this year.
And the best part is…… Everything I enjoy, I experience and enjoy with Vicki right beside me. How great it is to be excited about something and have someone there, to jump and be excited with you…… especially when they love you…and you love them.
Life is GOOD.

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