Tuesday, March 10

Tues. March 10th… The rain has arrived and it’s a comin’ down…

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Well, they said it would come and it did. It rained all the way home and hasn’t stopped since!!! We just returned from Albany where we had dinner, stopped at Kinko’s and had the new Angelgirl Productions business cards made for Vicki’s artwork. Her business name will be Angelgirl Productions and from hence forth, all her work will be signed as such with her name under that and a little brass angel affixed to the work. We also had business cards made up for Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. made up so we can pass them when we speak of our entity for the raising of funds for the Columbia - Greene County Hospice and Palliative Care organization. We have been energetically working on fundraising merchandise to sell and recently, Vicki sold some stained glass artwork and several other remember me hospice hearts. We can’t wait to draft the first check to the hospice people in Catskill as soon as we reach a $200.00 benchmark. We are doing pretty good considering we haven’t gotten the Hospice Gift Shop off the planning table as yet, or received the official 501-C determination from the government for our not for profit, tax free status, even though we have the federal EIN number and the official Incorporation certificate in the name of Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc., from the state of New York. Once we receive the not for profit, tax free status (501-C) and the permit comes and we build the gift shop, we will schedule an open house and invite the radio and papers be present to cover it. We’ll invite several prominent people and have the hospice folks from Columbia - Greene here that day too.
Sooooooo, we continue to chip away at all the little road blocks, keeping us from diving in up to our necks, as we usually do, until we remove these road blocks…… then we’ll put the pedal to the metal and go like greased lightning as usual.

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