Thursday, March 19

Thurs Eve March 19th… So close… yet so far away… We knew it!!!

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We knew that when Spring was ushered in it would be at the hands of Ol’ Man Winter again…… We are only two hours away from the beginning of Spring 2009 and it’s gonna be 25 degrees! That’s ok though, because we are gonna have some exceptionally nice weather and warm sunny days in the first part of the week to come. It will be nice up until Wednesday and then we are to get a few rainy days, but the temperatures will be almost fifty even in the rain.
Today, we gathered eggs, moved the purple marten bird house from where we are going to build the rabbit warren, on out along the fence to an open area. They will do just fine there and it will be out of our way. They are due in here anytime now. Last year they showed up in the final days of March, but were gone…… with their little ones before August.
Everything is almost completed for the arrival of the Alpacas next month. The only think we need to do yet is cut a drop hole upstairs for hay and get a metal wall feeder from Greene County Horseshoe supply, down the road. No big deal…
I just dropped the port-a-pump utility pump into the swimming pool and drained all of the water out of the bottom…… as best I could. There was about 16 inches of standing water in there, which tells me the breech was not on the bottom of the liner. It had to be above the sixteen inch mark. My guess is in the area of the submerged steps or the skimmer or eyeball socket. The ice was over a foot thick on the sides and was solid from the top of the pool to the bottom……with only the very center remaining liquid. As soon as the huge top section of ice melts that I can pull the cover out of the pool, we will probably see the damaged area. As yet we have no idea where it is. Possibly, when I get the cover out…… we may still need to wait for that ice to melt too. As yet, it hasn’t really started to melt under the cover too much. I looked today. It’s still frozen to the top…about ten inches on the wall thickness that is standing almost a third of the way around the perimeter of the pool.
Tomorrow evening……… a school play in Tannersville, on Saturday…
…… sugar maple gathering in Salem, New York…… at the farm where we buy our maple syrup year round. They invite the public for a demonstration of the sugar maple rendering process every spring, and this year… we’re going. It’s at
The Dry Brook Sugar House, 432 Chambers Road, Salem, New York. After that…… Sunday will be a day of rest……… (we hope)

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