Thursday, March 19

Thurs March 19th… Cold, rainy, lazy day in the brew…

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This morning we awoke to a rainy, thirty six degree day of gloomy cloud cover. It is supposed to stop raining around noon and start to clear off a little…… in fact, by seven tonight, we should even see the sun, just before sunset. Tomorrow it will be back to sunny and clear as usual, in fact…… from now until next Friday, is to be sunny and no day is to be below forty-nine degrees. Some days it will get to fifty-two degrees. Tomorrow is the official beginning of spring, so lets hope that it gets here and stays here!
I would guess today will be a run and get it day for us. We need to pick up a few lengths of the plastic fiber style deck boards, made by Timbertec and a few other companies, so we can replace the top on our table out on the deck. It had a plywood top, which has gone bad, and everything else we’ve thought of to replace that top, will cost a fortune. We’ll put these on and it will be like a picnic table, but will never rot or warp. If it rains, just a wipe of a paper towel will dry it too, so we’ll probably go for those four twelve foot boards today, since it’s raining anyway. If we decide not do that today, I’m sure there are a zillion other things we can and should do.
Sometimes people ask how large our farm is and what it looks like, beyond the little bit, our pictures show. I tried to portray a larger scope in the pictures of yesterday, but still understand that it didn’t give a detailed look at the grounds etc., so as soon as the sun comes out tomorrow, I will walk around the nine acres and show other parts of the property so everyone will know what it looks like. Keep checking…………

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