Wednesday, March 18

Wed eve March 18th… Lots of pictures… cause a lot got done……

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We hit the bricks early this morning!!! The insurance lady showed up at nine o’clock as scheduled, but I had a good hour out in the barn cleaning out the big chicken house before she arrived. Vick took care of all the insurance business and getting the pictures of the insurance lady’s dog so she can paint a watercolor picture for her and I stayed in the barn cleaning. When the lady left, Vick came out and became my tractor driver, so I didn’t have to shovel and jump on the tractor when the bucket was full. She did all of that…going to the manure pile and dumping the bucket, etc.
Once I completed the chicken coop, we went to the rabbit area and cleaned it completely too.
By then, it was noon and we took off for the Two Kids Bakery, where we had lunch. Upon returning, we rested for a bit, then went out and fed the critters a bit and we put a few more eggs into the incubator.
Now we’re ready for dinner and then we’ll put the birds away for the night. We snapped a bunch of pictures so everyone can see the farm at it’s best… at least it’s best today…… in a few more weeks it will get a lot more interesting when we get the Alpacas. Also, we have placed a down payment on the German Angora rabbits. Maybe six of them! Upon getting them…… and having the new bunny house built…… we’ll have all we need to breed our Angoras, to increase our herd. Harvesting the fur from rabbits living in their new warren, should help pay for that building addition and the rabbits in there in a year or two and if we get another male from somewhere, we can expand our herd quickly. They are a lot of work though, because you must brush them at least weekly to keep their fiber from felting (matting), so we will end up with a brushing area in the warren too. Well I promised pictures this evening, so enjoy. Sometimes our pictures are close-ups of the critters and you never see the farm. Today we made sure to show the animals and the farm. All the landscape you see belongs to us. Our animals never leave the property. (except when Timmy hears Tony, our neighbor from the city. When he’s up at his camp across the road from us, Timmy goes over, say’s hello and then comes home. I usually keep him in the barn if Tony is up here. Anyway, enjoy our spacious little farm.
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Today's gathering

This little fellow is now in the incubator.....

Sweet Vicki surveying her domain.

We own beyond where you can see out there beyond the pond.

Outside duck run.

Old duck and chicken barn, viewing from rear deck.

Pupskill Lake Pond and woods beyond barns.

Inside the duck house

Another view inside the duck house. See their pictures on the wall?

Ducks in the duck pond.....They love it!

Phillip Pheasant strolling around the grounds.

Inside the brooding house. warming boxes, where the chicks go under heat lamps when they come out of the incubator. The larger sections are for them after about 5 weeks.

The actual incubators. The first one has the turner in it and the second one is actually where the egg spends the last three days..... completely still. The chicks will hatch in there.

roughly six hours after hatching, we will move the completely dried chick to the heat box, under the lamps.

Heat Boxes

Watching the ducks play and groom.

Old chicken barn.

Nesting area in old chicken barn.

Chickens in the outside run in the old chicken barn.

A Silver Laced Wyandotte

A Rhode Island Red.

Tina only has one tail feather left.

Chicken browsing at the rear of the barn. This is where the Angora rabbits go.

New chicken coop, outside run

Old barn

Temporary bunny warren

New chicken house nesting area.

Another view of the bunnies

The roosting spot

The Alpaca stable.... soon to be occupied.

The girls congregate in the Alpaca's hay.

A broad view of the farm, Vick and the animals.

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