Wednesday, March 18

Wed. March 18th… Making way for the Insurance people……

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This morning we are going to meet with the insurance folks to increase the new coverage for our regular homeowners insurance and start the two new policies…… one for the farm & barn and the other for the Hospice Gift Shop which we are building shortly. After the insurance is taken care of, Vicki is going to take pictures of Holly’s dog, so she can do a watercolor painting for her.
I’ll be in the barn, cleaning out the chicken coop section and then the bunnies. This is the day for doing it and getting done before the rains that they are calling for this afternoon arrive.
I have been working with the incubator, which was given to us by a customer friend, down the road. I’m slowly getting the temperature adjusted to maintain 101.5 since it is a still air incubator, so we can move the ready to hatch eggs, from the incubator with the egg turner, to this one, where the egg will lay completely still, for the egg to hatch. After hatching, you have a good twelve hours for the chick to completely dry before needing feed or water. We won’t have them in the second incubator drying for more than five or six hours at the most, and then we'll move them to the brooding boxes under heat lamps, where they will remain warm and may eat and drink freely. Since we built the brooding house, it’s been easy dealing with chickens and ducks. All you have to do is keep the correct medicated food for the chickens, away from the ducks, which get un-medicated feed and keep them watered and warm. We’ll take some pictures of everything today and post them tonight.

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