Tuesday, March 17

Tues. eve March 17th… Had a terrific Irish dinner With friends…

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Vicki and I just returned at dusk from an excellent dinner at our neighbor and friends Joan and Charlie, where we had another St. Patrick’s day dinner prepared by Joan who is Irish right down to the red hair and all. She invited us last year for corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and soda bread, which we thought was delicious. Well this year was no less than perfectly scrumptious again. We enjoyed the meal, coffee and apple pie afterward along with some good laughter and conversation. We will have Charlie and Joan over for a few cook outs this summer when we can have a clam boil and BBQ on the rear deck. They are excellent neighbors that we can count on to be there if we ever need them in an emergency……… Simply a great couple.
Today we gathered eggs and placed another two duck eggs and another chicken egg or so in the incubator in the brooding house. After breakfast, we went out and cleaned out the old chicken barn. sprayed it down and spread new wood chips. Then we went to the duck house and did the same. It sure makes for a nice atmosphere when you go in and smell cherry and wood chips. The duckies should enjoy sleeping on dry wood chips…… and I know Philip will enjoy his clean and dry area on top of the shelf which he has claimed as his own.
Tomorrow, we will go to the big barn and clean it out to the bare ground, spray the cherry disinfectant in there and spread dry chips also. I was going to do this task the last two days, but a sore back necessitated rest according to my personal Registered Nurse, Sweet Vicki, so I listen and do as instructed. Sure enough, today my back felt like new and we got busy cleaning houses.
Timmy and Tina are still nursing a respiratory thingie and Sweet Vicki has been studying the symptoms more carefully these last few days, and has come up with a sickness caused by mold spores, which cause the labored breathing and silent gasping they both exhibit. Timmy also has a swollen lesion by his eye with a constant clear eye drip, indicative to this infection which should be treated with Nystatin orally. We will confer with Kurt, our Vet and see if he agrees. If so, we will ask for the Nystatin, which is a prescription drug for the turkey’s. This came right on the heels of the Lung Worm infection that we treated them for several weeks ago. We are pretty sure that the lungworm is gone by now with the two injections Kurt gave us to treat them, so we think it is a fungal thing now. Time will tell.
Tomorrow we meet with the insurance folks to increase the coverage of our homeowners, add a business policy for the farm and another liability policy for the Hospice Gift Shop. After that is taken care of…… Vicki is going to take a picture of Holly’s dog so she can paint the dog for her. WOW!! busy, busy, busy……………

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