Tuesday, March 31

Tues. March 31st… The eyes have it…… An appointment that is…

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Where does the time go..... It's almost April Fool's Day!

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We will be leaving shortly, to keep an appointment in Albany somewhere, for an eye exam. I haven’t had my eyes checked since early 2005, so it’s no wonder I can’t read well any longer. I start to read and everything is crystal clear, but within a few sentences, it becomes blurry. I then mess with placement of my glasses and it becomes clear again, then blurry again in a few more sentences. I think when I mess with my glasses, I actually end up moving the printed material closer or further away and slowly my arms return to the comfortable position of normal reading and it becomes blurry again. I’ve observed people that almost need to hire someone to hold what they want to read, because their arms aren’t long enough to hold it far enough awayfrom them to read it, but I’m not that bad (Yet). Well, anyway… Vick got on the phone and made me an appointment for today, so we’ll be gone in a little bit.
Looks like it’s gonna be a nice day, so I’ll cut the animals loose to run while we’re gone. When we get back, I have a few things to do in the barn for the Alpacas and two gates in the pasture to reinforce with cables. It should be a nice day to do those chores and get them out of the way.
In three days, we will begin to move the eggs from the main incubator containing the egg turner, into the hatching incubator where they will spend their last three days without turning. On April sixth, we should be visited by our first chicks of the season, and a week later, our ducks should start appearing too. Make sure you stay tuned for the action. We’ll have it on pictures every day, along with Alpaca pictures too. Things are startin’ to happen around here, finally.
Soon, we’ll be building the hospice gift shop too. We’ll have pictures of that work too.

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