Monday, March 30

Monday, March 30th… More Rain and cool weather that bites………

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It’s a classic end to the March month and a usual ushering in of April. Rain is common in April, hence the old saying “April showers, bring May flowers”. It just seems like an unpleasant occurrence because we are still on the coattail of winter and it’s ugly weather and we’ve had a little taste of spring and we’re ready for a daily menu of sunshine and warm breezes. These garden shows also give you a taste of things to come which then makes a body wish to hasten springs arrival in high speed.
Right now the temperature is forty one degrees and raining… not as pleasant as the sunny warmth felt on Saturday. The dogs just came in at six thirty and they were soaked…… they needed to bed down here in the computer room to dry off before being allowed to rejoin Vicki in the bedroom. I can tell you that they don’t relish being here either, because each of them are pacing around the room, stopping in front of the door and looking back at me as if to say, “Come on daddy…… open the door so we can go back to bed.” You can read it in their eyes. Since being in here drying off for the last forty minutes, their coats are now dried, so I can leave them free to go back to bed. Wooooooosh… off they went… in a flurry of fur and feet.
Time now to feed and water the birds, so I’m off to the barns in the rain as the dogs go back to bed……… what’s wrong with this picture?
Today. I’m working in the barn with the run light and the upstairs loft lighting. At least that will be done.

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