Sunday, March 29

Sunday March 29th… Rain… Rain… Rain… all day long non stop for three days……

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Wow… started the blog at least four times and was interrupted every time. First Jack came for eggs. He brought a huge DSNY leaf bag full of rolls and bread for the chickens, as did Tony, our next door neighbor from Queens. That allowed me to take the big bag to the new barn for the chickens there and the other big bag to the old chicken house for the other chickens. Then Charlie pulled in and we talked for awhile too. Then I fed and watered the chickens and just go in with the eggs and having everything done in the yucky rain. It’s gonna rain all day today and for the next two days, so they say. I don’t know how they can forecast that, because they usually would have to wait until this evening, to tell us what this mornings weather was gonna be, with any accuracy……
I guess this will be the perfect time to complete and finalize the 501-C (3) application and get it to our accountant for him to check over, then send it off. We can also get the light wired into the outside chicken run and finish some lights in the loft.
We also need to finalize the preparations for the Alpacas coming in just a week now. Isabelle is bringing them next Sunday and we are so psyched!!!!!!! We’ve been waiting all winter long for them…… and we’re only seven days away now.
Also, I’m making an appointment for an "nooner" this afternoon… That’s "Granvilleinese" for a nap in the afternoon, so put that into your vocabulary and book of new words for the day. If you follow this blog long enough, you’ll sound like a "Mifflin Countian" regular in Central Pennsylvania. You will be able to walk the streets of Lewistown and you can carry the following conversation outside a restaurant. "Jeetyet"? "YepIdid". "ZAfoodakay"? and they might just say, "Nazabad a down daboondocker un sowmain". After that, they’ll talk with you as if you were their next door neighbor forever and ever.

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