Sunday, March 29

Saturday Eve March 28th… Beware of Sneaky, Liar, Salesmen, Twerps like Mark Howard

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Today, we went to the Capital District Garden and Flower Show, located at Hudson Valley Community College, in Troy, NY. We got there in the afternoon with Vicki’s parents, Joe and Anita and took in the sights of spring…… real spring scenes that we will be ready to personally observe in a few more weeks, as the leaves and flowers start to pop up in the spring sunshine. We took a bunch of pictures and cornered the lousy rip-off artist, Mark Howard, when we bought a $2000.00 plus garden pond from him two years ago. He had his guys come out and install the pond and we thought they did a beautiful job and I would have sold a few ponds for him, until fall came……when it was time for me to remove the pump and winterize the pond. There was no way to get the pump out of the filter enclosure. I called Mark and he insisted there was a slip connection in the line that had a removable clamp and then the pump lifted right out. NOT!! His workers glued everything solid. THERE WAS NO WAY... to remove the pump. I called Mark again, who was kind of pissed now and didn’t want to drive from Valley Falls, NY just to cut the line to remove the pump, so to stop his crying… (I hate when a grown man cries), I told him I would cut the line and winterize it, but he would then have to come out and fix it in the spring. He agreed…… until the next spring, when I called to remind him and he said he would be right out…… It is now the following spring…. almost 362 days that we have waited for this little shyster…… and today when we bounced him about owing us a line repair saying “You told me you would be out, but you never came or called.” Vick asked if he remembered and all he said was “I do”. PERIOD. No sorry…I’ll make it right… I’ll reimburse you… NOTHING.
SO, Make sure you look good at the following site:
and make sure you never do any business with the little twerp, because he doesn’t even make a good twerp!! He's a bare faced liar!
Below are a few pictures of the other dealers displays, but not any of his!

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