Friday, March 27

Friday Eve March 27th… Twas a Day To Remember Alright……

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Today was spent doing the morning blog, working on a little bit of remaining paperwork, leaving the animals out and then heading to the bank to have a paper notarized. We arrived at the bank and asked if we could get the paper notarized, but the lady wasn’t there. She had gone for lunch and wouldn’t be back until later.
Now I don’t know for sure, but it seems that every time I go down to Hootersville for something… the person I need to see is either not in, off sick, on vacation or just decided they didn’t want to work that day…… Never Fails! Anyway, Vicki wanted to go to the “Just A Buck” dollar store to pick up some plate stands to display her stained glass quilt squares in the bakery, so we went there. After leaving with much more than we went in for (as always happens) we took off for Coxsackie for lunch/dinner at Paul’s where I had shrimp fettuccini Alfredo and Vick had seafood over linguini with sauce. It was a memorable meal for a birthday bash… just Vicki and I. Once we were fully stuffed and the remainder was boxed to go, we headed for Athens, to see our Alpaca's and take a few pictures, if Isabelle was home. When we arrived, we saw that the farrier was there trimming hooves on Isabelle’s horse and her Mini pony. We watched for a bit and chatted with the man and woman farriers then went on back through the barn to a door leading to Iggy and Luke, our Alpacas.
We spent about fifteen minutes snapping pictures of Iggy and Luke, but got a few of the other Alpacas and Max, the Lama. Max is the sweetest thing, as he checks you out by coming directly up to you and sniffing your breath, smelling your hair and skin, to decide if he like you or not. If he likes you, he will hang around you and be cool, but if he doesn’t like you, he will take off and stay away from you all together. Below are today’s pictures. I know you have all been waiting to see them here at the farm, so just hang in there until next Sunday, when Isabelle will bring them to the farm. She say’s the shearing wouldn’t be until May, so you could be assured that they would be ok without their wool and the weather just hasn’t co-operated so far, but May would be warm and safe, so she will pick them up the day before shearing will take place at her farm. We’ll be there all day long for that!! You can click on any photo below to view it in full screen.

This is one of the Farriers doing his job

This is the other Farrier doing her's.

This is Max the Lama.....

Max, checking Vicki out. He is smelling her breath and he will remember her.

This is a sixteen year old neighbor girl that helps Isabelle groom and exercise the horses. She has horses or ponies at home.

This is our Luke.

This is our Iggy.

Vicki loving Luke and he's loving it!

Iggy enjoying the warm sunshine. He is very cautious and rigid. He's the watchdog.

This is Isabelle with Iggy. She is a terrific person.

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