Saturday, April 4

Sat Eve April 4th… Luke and Iggy are here and very happy……

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Isabelle and her friend brought the alpacas this morning and dropped them in their new home, then we all watched them for a hour or better while they became accustomed to their new abode. When we were sure that they were ok with everything, we left them to explore the stable and pasture area and went into the house to show Isabelle our knitting machine. She has been toying with the idea of getting one and wanted to see it and ask a few questions about what we thought of ours. We told her that it is a superior knitting machine and that you can make a knitted item in a very short period of time once you become familiar with the machine and using it. We gave her the DVD to take home to study, because she is planning on coming back to try the machine and bring her spinning wheel here for Vicki to try, because we want to get a wheel to spin our alpaca wool too.
Later in the afternoon, after Isabelle left, we work a little in the barn, just to be around Luke and Iggy a bit, then went to GNH for some clamps and a light fixture and bulbs to supplement the heating element in the hatching box, since we couldn’t get the temperature up to 101 degrees. It would only climb to 99 degrees and that isn’t good enough in a still air incubator to hatch the eggs. The added 15w light bulb should make the difference.
Tomorrow morning early, I’ll leave Iggy and Luke out, along with all the other critters if it is to be nice, otherwise, I’ll just leave the alpacas out, because they can be under the porch or inside the barn. They won’t stand out in the rain like a dumb chicken or turkey until they get sick. Here are a bunch of pictures of today……. Enjoy!

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