Sunday, April 5

Sunday April 5th… Day Two With the Boys… All’s Well… Happy…

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As we entered into day two of the alpaca’s being here, we found that it will be a pretty easy job. They are quite mild mannered and happy to be here. They waited patiently as I entered their stable this morning until I opened the pasture door and both calmly wandered out into the sunlight and looked over their territory…… their new home… and were content to amble over to the fence and watch the pond and the crows assembled there, looking for bugs along the bank. When I went to the chicken pen and opened their door, both Luke and Iggy stood there looking… obviously wondering if they would have to put up with these, squealing, scampering little birds all the time, because they are everywhere and hard to keep track of. Iggy is the sentry of the farm. He watches everything and over everything, so he doesn’t care for guinea hens darting after each other and chasing chickens when they are feeding……… after all… an alpaca can only be accountable for so much!
Every day now, we are moving eggs from the incubator with the turner to the hatching incubator where the eggs spend their final three days before expected hatching. After they hatch and spend a few hours drying off, we will transfer them to the other side and under a heat lamp, where they can stay warm, drink and eat. They will stay there until around mid-August, when they will be old enough to be outside on their own, with the other chickens to search for fall bugs. The ducks will probably be able to be out sooner…… possible by July… because they can stay at the “duckie pond” and go into the duck house at night.
I’m not doing a lot of stuff today, due to pulling a muscle in the middle of my back…… AGAIN! I really hate this, because I have many, many things I want to get done…… early this year.

Lastly, I'd like to thank New York Governor, David Paterson, the asshole, for making sure we, like many other New York property owners, will not get their STAR rebate this year. When will these fools open their eyes and look around? People are leaving New York...... selling and heading for other states that appreciate their residents. All you politicians do is TAX..TAX..TAX! Imagine....taxing regular soda and not diet soda. You'll squeeze it from all of us and piss it away on stupid governmental spending by giving it to foreign interests anyway. THANKS!

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