Thursday, April 16

Thurs April 16th… Another day gone… but got some stuff done!!

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Went today and picked up twenty five Bantam chicks from Agway…… had lunch here primarily enjoying a huge hero made by the P&L Deli in Westerlo. They make the best hoagies around.
After lunch, we went to Middle Field Lumber and worked out the lumber list for the Hospice Gift Shop. Ed said, that within a week, he’d have the lumber order cut and delivered, unless he ran into a problem. Doesn’t really matter if the guy doing the concrete pad doesn’t get her and do something. We’ll have the lumber to start building and a hole in the ground without a concrete pad to build on.
The insurance inspector was here again today to look at the pool, which he did… and we don’t know any more now than we did before. He say’s the ice did it. I don’t even care anymore… we won’t get any help fixing it, so it’s either a patch or a new liner. I’d suspect the latter. Jeeze…… went swimming in it twice, I believe, before having to buy another liner……… Are we nuts?
Went fishing a little bit in the Pupskill this afternoon. Caught one little largemouth bass. Went across the road to neighbor Tony’s pond……… caught nothing… Went to the beaver pond beyond and walked out (and fell off of) a log and cast out one foot beyond the grassy edge… into what looked like two inches of water. Fully frustrated… (and keeping an eye on the attack pterodactyl in it’s nest, overhead) I walked the log back until I could step onto solid ground…wet foot and all…… and that, my friends, was all I got for my effort in the beaver lake... beyond. Now we’ll forget about wanting to fish there, which was something we threatened to do from day one, up here. Nevermore!!!
Guess we’ll go close everyone in for the night and come in and see if we can find something good for dinner.

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