Friday, April 17

Friday, April 17th… A Beautiful Day Emerges from the Darkness …

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Was up this morning at 6:00 when the silver, gray landscape painter is still at work. It is just beginning to turn daylight at that time now and the full color, scenery painter takes over and paints over the grayscale of twilight’s last hold on the darkness of night. How nice it is to sit on the rear deck and sip a steaming cup of coffee as the day begins from near darkness to the raw brilliance of day. It begins with developing vision in that grayscale, with birds starting to sing… one…then two, until you hear a chores of singers chirping their song. Gray squirrels frolic and play, as they chase one another up and down trees, cork screwing the way around the trunk of the tree as they rapidly ascend and descend, first one three and then another. Occasionally, I’ll watch a deer either drinking from or bedded next to the Pupskill Lake Pond. Sometimes a group of them. There is always a bunch of wild ducks and geese flying to and fro, as they begin their day of paddling, feeding and mating…… always ready to start their new families. Later this month and next, I’ll be able to watch wild geese swim up to the yard and bring their babies to visit and spend the day picking bugs in the short, yard grass. They will all stay close, somewhere along the creek bed or just off the side, in the swamp section until their brood is grown enough to teach the to fly, and then off they will go, but we will have plenty of watching until that day.
Yes, it’s Vicki and my dream to live here and it’s G_d’s gift he has bestowed upon us to make it happen. We’re retired and able to enjoy our farm and watch the critters and wildlife all day long, together…… just as we have dreamed of for so many years of our working lives. Funny how we were from different worlds a few years ago…… and ended up together living our dreams as one.
(FYI…the spelling of G_d, speaking reverently, this is a method of writing the original, which insures that the original name is never destroyed or erased.)

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