Saturday, April 18

Sat. April 18th… Waiting on concrete… lumber… help… fun……

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We have things to do, but nothing to do them with right now, so I suppose we need to find something to do to occupy our time. Perhaps we could go fishing!!! Maybe we should forgo that and go pick up materials we need. UMMMMMM…… lets see now… fun or work…fun or work??? Maybe we’ll just go to GNH and pick up the posts and stuff for the rear deck roof, make sure we have enough rafters and order the purlins from Ed Pooters, at Middle Field Lumber. Sometimes you have to put off fun for necessity.
Yesterday, I leveled the rest of the dirt in the yard and today I will finish it up. We also need to rake and pick stones so everything is nice and level……… ready for mowing. It won’t take as long this year because the alpacas are mowing the pasture beside the barn as we speak, so that eliminates a large section. Maybe this summer, we will see the need to wire off the other part of the yard for them to browse in too…… we’ll have to see if the grass can grow faster than they can eat it in the existing pasture. If so…… we need not do anything more. If they eat faster than it grows…… again no fun out of necessity!
We also finished the picnic table on the deck yesterday. We removed the old plywood table top and installed individual composite deck boards for a new top. Boy does it look sharp. Below is a picture with several of the barn and alpacas grazing.
I was hoping our friend would show up today to frame out the concrete pad for the hospice house. I’d kind of like to have the pad finished and ready for construction as soon as Middle Field Lumber delivers the pile of wood. Maybe he will come through……

Composite deck boards do a nice job...

About as far as we got with the Hospice Gift Shop. Our friend must have gotten lost!

This is where the cement pad will be. He dumped his form boards around the perimeter and left.

Remnants of the ditch.... smoothed out.

Needs to be raked yet.....

Raked and stones picked... real fun!

Like I told Helen, This is called kushing when they lay down like this. In this case, Luke thought the grass looked soooooooo delicious down this close to it.

Let's roll and scratch our backs!!

The classic kush

Ya'll come on back now ya hear!

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