Thursday, April 2

Thurs April 2nd…A Slow Start to a Beautiful Day??? We’ll See!……

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Perhaps the day will be pretty and clear. The fog was thick when first, I peered through the bedroom window this morning. Now the fog is lifting, rather rapidly, letting the outline of the sun shine through. A few more minutes and the sun may be shining down in unobstructed glory. I hope so, because we decided yesterday that it was going to stay nasty, cold and windy all day long, with rain plaguing us throughout the day, off and on, adding to the misery. With that in mind, we went to Emerson Place, down on route 28, in Mount Tremper. Our final destination there was the Kaatskill Kaleidoscope store, to pick up one of the birthday gifts for Vicki. I will make the other gift in our back yard…… a huge swing for the little girl in her. I am gonna stretch cable between two of our large pine trees and install drop lines from that, insuring there are no limbs to break or rub points to go bad.
Anyway…… we opted to do that yesterday and spend the early evening in Phoenicia, another quaint little town along the Osopus Creek, with an old time pharmacy, general store and an old time trinket store. There are several restaurants there and we had a wood fired, stone oven, cooked pizza at Brio’s on main street. We plan to return there on a sunny day to shop leisurely and take pictures of the trip there, the town and back home again. Well, anyway, doing all those pleasant things yesterday in the midst of the rain and such, allows us to do our barn work and preparations for the Alpacas today since it will be nicer. We’ll post pictures later today.

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