Wednesday, April 1

Wed April 1st… The Weather Isn’t an April Fool’s Joke………

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It’s ugly out there. Cold, windy, damp and just as cloudy as any rainy day could be. I can’t wait any longer to get the remaining little stuff taken care of in the barn for the arrivial of the Alpaca's. All of the stuff needs to be finished by Saturday morning. Isabelle emailed and confirmed to Vick that she was delivering Iggy and Luke Saturday morning. I thought she said Sunday when we were there, but it makes no difference… all must be ready for their arrival. I've decided that today, I’m going to the barn. I wanted to go out there yesterday when we got home, but I never expected (or remembered from before) that dilating my eyes would last the entire day. the doctor dilated my eyes at approx. two fifteen yesterday afternoon. Vicki said she was surprised, because they were still completely dilated at 8:30 last evening. The drive home was a bugger too……because, even with my eyes closed, the sun was bright! I was glad when we got home and I could come in and sack out on the couch and listen to the TV. Watching it was out of the question, because the screen was unpleasant to view, even though I could watch it.
Well…………………… anyway,
Today’s is another day and my eyes are back to normal, so I’m definitely going out to work on a few things to be ready for Luke & Iggy. All I have to do is to hang the metal hay rack on the wall, hang the feed pans on the railings…… hang the mineral pan and water bucket. I’ll also bring the big black tub from behind the shed, which will go outside, under the roof for their hay out there. I need to get a suitable watering tub for outside too. I believe there’s a round black one behind the shed too. I haven’t anything more involved than this to do, but it’s all little things that should be done when they arrive so we can allow them to become familiar with their new home without a lot of noise and commotion the first day. We want them to see us there and relaxed so they get used to us too. We want them to trust us, not be afraid because we move around a lot that first day.
More news…… All the ice is about melted in the swimming pool and we can’t seem to find a tear or hole where the water gushed out of that night this past winter. We heard it, as it was starting to empty. It began like a loud rumble, similar to a snow plow dragging along the macadam road surface and lasted for a full three or four minutes, as the top slowly lower and lower, until all the snow on top was just hanging on the cover. (which tore loose the next day when it rained.) The water gushed out all around the bottom of the pool and under the snow, down into the middle of the yard. None of the sidewalls or liner were damaged. It is a baffling occurrence to everyone who has looked at it so far. There is no damage that we can find and I had to pump out the remaining sixteen to eighteen inches of water to remove the cover just a week ago. WHAT HAPPENED????????????? (Twilight Zone Stuff)

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