Tuesday, April 14

Tues. April 14th… A Perfect End to a Perfect Day… Almost…

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We had a perfect day today with our sightseeing trip to Schenectady, where we dropped off two of Vicki’s latest artworks. One was of our insurance ladies’ dog, which she contracted Vicki to paint in Watercolor. The other is a wild, rooster compilation that came out of Vicki’s head one evening. The entire picture is rooster, rooster, rooster… in any and every direction in the painting and in any and every space available. It is one neat painting! I can’t wait for it to be matted and on the wall.
Anyway, we dropped the pictures off at Kim’s and she will have them completed in three days, when we will go back and pick them up.
We put the roofing section, which blew off the lower barn roof the other day, back on this afternoon. Once we had that completed, we then went to our neighbor’s, across the road, where I removed the blocks and bricks around the flower beds in front of his trailer. He asked if I could do this for him, so he could make a new border around them or maybe just remove it all together. That’s now up to him. The blocks and bricks are gone.
All this said, we had one bad time today. I looked through the incubator and pulled all the eggs that were three days past due hatching and got rid of them. Over 70% had chicks in them that had died in the egg, just like the one that was trying to hatch, which we wrote of before. Something is causing them to die in the egg! The turner is working… and the temperature is a constant 99.5 degrees with humidity. We removed the eggs from the turner on the 18th day and let them spend the last three days in the other incubator with added humidity at 101 degrees in the still air, which is vented. I guess we’ll just comb the internet to see if we can come up with any reasons to cause it…… but that was the only low point of the day!
Tomorrow, I’ll start to work on the sonna tube in the floor of the rear porch. I need to remove some decking and dig a four foot hole in the middle of the deck. In that hole, I will fit a sonna tube and pour it full of concrete to form a pillar for the center post of the new porch roof we are going to install over the rear deck section. Since it will be the heaviest load bearing post, We figured it should be placed on a solid footing to support the snow load, etc., so I will not skimp on this one… it’s gotta be a full four feet, making sure to go below the frost line on the worst winter imaginable.
Now I’m ready to finalize the lumber list for the hospice gift shop… but we still need to wait on Jeff to come…… that might take awhile…

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