Tuesday, April 14

Tuesday, April 14th… Bollero was accepted into the ranks… Doing fine……

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We were pleased to find all three of the boys in the barn this morning, bedded in their own respective spots, all the way inside the barn. They were all calm and receptive to their feeding as all the animosity and dominance of yesterday had completely waned and each stood in their own feeding spot, without spitting at, or nudging one another and finished their morning grain & pellet munchies. After feeding, they went back out to the pasture, where Bollero appeared to be tethered to the older boys. He stuck to them like glue, everywhere they went and he "moo moo’s and murmurs" contentedly. All is well in alpaca land…. and we’re relieved of that!
Today, Vick wants to go to Albany to have a copy of her latest art works made, so she can finalize that stuff and start anew, with a large watercolor of the barn and surrounding fencing of the alpacas. It’s looking good already and she just started the preliminary pencil work last evening. I can’t wait to see the finished product on the wall, matted and framed!!

Rich is bringing the kids sometime this week, to see the alpacas, since everyone over there had been sick and they couldn’t come for Easter, nor, could we go there for Passover dinner. Everyone is doing better, but still we didn’t want to chance going over…… as we can see them later, when the bug is well gone from the house. With my having the two heart attacks some years ago, along with two separate bouts of pneumonia, we are probably being over cautious, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We were really worried about Joe, Vicki’s Dad, who had it bad, along with Robin… our sister-in-law. Everyone over there have had the same thing and Joe and Robin are on medicine and are now on the mend. May God speed their recovery so we can all be together again soon, to make up for the lost time.

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