Monday, April 13

Mon. April 13th… Got em‘… Lost em‘… Got em’ back again… A Real Drama…………

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This morning we started off by dropping off a bunch of eggs in Coxsackie, at Halsted’s Outdoor Supplies on route 9W. From there, we went to Isabelle’s farm, picked her up and was on our way to Monticello to pick up a little fuzz ball, by the name of Bollero and bring him back to our herd. All went well, since we were using our GPS unit in the truck, which directed us perfectly, to Robin’s little farm on rout 42. After admiring her herd and talking with her for a little while, we started for home with Bollero in the back of the truck, calmly riding and enjoying the sights along the way. The funny story for the day was relayed to us by Robin shortly after we arrived, which went as follows. A friend of Robin’s called her and mentioned that she was on an internet blog…… stating that these folks were on their way… after picking up an Isabelle along the way. They then asked… are you getting company today? Yes! That’s right…… they were reading my morning blog which indeed stated that we were going to pick Isabelle up and head to Robin’s farm in Monticello. COOL Eh? People are now reading our blog from all over the world… and some are so close, they are actually, personally involved with our adventures within hours of the post time!!!!!!! This is starting to happen a lot. Many friends and acquaintances are reading our blog… not just once, but many have become faithful, daily readers, interested in what we do and say each day. Believe me…… it is somewhat humbling at times. We truly love it. Below are a few pictures of Bollero with Luke and Iggy which we can comfortably post now, but there is a funny story, (now that it's over) about today, which I must recount. It was frightening at the time, but we can laugh now. (and thanks to you Isabelle, for remaining the cool, calm help that you were)
We stopped here at the farm to unload Bollero, while Isabelle was with us, just in case there was a problem of any kind with fighting or dominance over a new arrival. When we turned Bollero loose in the pasture, he made it very obvious that he wanted to be with the boys. They however, had to perform the dominance routine that we knew would take place. All went well, so after a half hour of watching them and Isabelle intervening occasionally, we decided it was safe to take Isabelle home, so we jumped into the car and was off. When we returned about 45 minutes later, we looked for the boys, but didn’t see them in the pasture, so when we parked, we naturally started over to the barn and when I slid the barn door open I was shocked at what I saw. No alpacas in the barn… the rear door was slid open about three feet (which is where we left it) and the stable gate, inside the barn, slung wide open, with the latch hook torn off. NO ALPACAS IN THE BARN OR PASTURE!!!! They had pulled a remake of the “Escape From Alcatraz” and were gone!!!!! Iggy, Luke and our less than an hour old arrival, Little Bollero!!!!!
We immediately FLIPPED…… as I ran out one door and Vick the other looking in vain in every direction. I figured they had to cross the road or go into the fields behind the house, because the Pupskill Lake and the creek border the yard in that direction, which would deter their movement in that direction, so I started toward the fields. When I was almost to the fence line, I looked toward the house and noticed all three grazing on the really green grass in that side yard. I immediately yelled to Vicki that they were there. Vicki was talking to Isabelle who was calmly reassuring her that they probably wouldn’t go far. (and she was right) I was wondering how I would get three individual animals that can run like the wind when needed, to follow me and enter the barn or pasture…… which was like imagining an impossibility. As soon as they saw me, the started running directly at me, (which made me think I was going to be flattened by them) passing by me and heading directly to the barn, around the end and went right into the door they had exited the barn through. Until I got there to close it…… they came back out and looked at me as if to say, “That isn’t where we wanted to go”, and headed toward the Pupskill Lake peninsula, where they stopped and congregated, looking back. I opened the pasture gate, stepped back and they all, in unison, entered the pasture and allowed me to close the gate. They then calmly walked to their manure pile and leisurely, one by one, took a big poop on the pile. . . Vicki and I didn't need to... we already had... when we found that they had escaped!!!!!

Vicki's Desert Rose in blossom.

Her Easter Cactus wasn't fooling around on Easter... Look at all those blossoms!

The ducks entering the water when first released every morning.

This is Bollero, our little boy.

Here is a resident at the Pupskill B&B


Aren't they all just TOO CUTE???

Who says a chickens life isn't good?

Bollero is a little puff ball. His fleece is deep, fine and nicely crimped....

Phillip better leave that big Brahma rooster alone. They fight every morning as soon a we let them free.

Like I said... what's wrong with a chickens life???

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