Monday, April 13

Monday, April 13th… Easter is over… Tomorrow another Alpaca……

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Today was spent watching Easter movies on TV, except for the little time we spent gathering up a piece of the roofing from the barn that was blown off and almost into the Pupskill Lake Pond. The screws were torn completely out of the wood purlins. The wind was blowing so hard that I just laid the roofing along side of the barn until another day. If we had tried to re-install it and the wind caught it, I would ride it to Manhattan like a magic carpet…
Tomorrow we go to Monticello for the baby Alpaca. We will pick Isabelle up at her home around ten or eleven, after taking sixteen dozen eggs to Halsted’s Outdoor Supplies along route 9W. She sell them to her customers when they come in I guess, but she might be a weekly outlet for us this summer. Anyway, after dropping the eggs off in Coxsackie, we will continue down along the river to Isabelle’s house and then on down through Athens, to Catskill where we will get on the New York Thruway and head for the Kingston, where we will get on route 209 and go to Wurtsboro, where we will catch 17 north to Monticello.
When we get home with the little guy, we’ll take some pictures and post them tonight.

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