Wednesday, April 22

Wed. April 22nd… Rain, Rain go away… Come Again Later……

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All this rain is depressing! I have tons of things to do and the rain is cramping my style… although not as much as my Psoriatic Arthritis, which is totally inflamed a day before this rain, during and usually a day before it quits. I always wondered why my knees ached the day before a rain, but not during the day it rained, unless it rained for an extended period. Now, I know. I have has the Psoriatic part of this disease for over twenty nine years, but the Arthritic part only started, once I retired in 2006. I believe the constant exercise of working kept it hidden, so I have to increase my exercise level again to curb this crap. The Psoriasis had always, since the very late seventies… early 1980, been associated with the stress level in my life. Believe me… with the past life I lived, I should look like a Leper, so I am thankful that I only have what I have now. I have an appointment in May with a specialist to see what more I can do.
In the mean time…… we will remain busy when we can, by working on the bunny house and the hospice gift shop when we can. We will also build the rear porch or deck roof over the little section of the rear deck so we can enjoy it this summer during rain storms.
The second run of eggs in the incubator are still up in the air. I wonder if we aren’t wasting out time, because the one incubator was off in temperature by about five degrees for a few days, until we could get it properly adjusted again. That might have killed the embryo……… who knows. I’m not that good at candling eggs to be able to see the development of the chick inside like they say you can, so we just have to wait and see. I am going to build a special candling box so I can see the egg better, which can save you a lot of time by eliminating bad eggs from the incubator. Obviously, some of our duck eggs are infertile, along with some of our chicken eggs, even though we have several roosters.
Iggy, Luke and Bollero are doing great! They have learned what apple tastes like and they love it. We are going to try them on grapes today…… not as a regular thing, but as a special treat that we will give on occasion, to get close to them. We have a pair of lawn chairs in the feed room and sit in the pasture area every now and then so they can mill around us and sniff at us. We were told this is an excellent thing to do if we like to read, because it is relaxing and the alpacas associate with us and peacefulness as they graze too. I know it’s peaceful and relaxing for me!
This afternoon we are going to have Vicki’s Mom here for her birthday meal, because today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!!!!! Joe and Anita, Rich and Robin and Katie and Kenny, our niece and nephew are all due to arrive this afternoon for the party/dinner. They haven’t seen the alpacas yet either, because at least one of them has been sick since the last time they were here, over three weeks ago. I think everyone is on the mend now.

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