Tuesday, April 21

Tues. April 21st… Vicki’s Almost Allergic to Me… Along with Everything Else!!!!

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We went to Vicki’s Allergy appointment yesterday around 1:15 and she underwent a 2½ hour testing session, where they went up and down her forearms with about thirty-five different solutions. They then wait twenty minutes after which, they look for welts, which indicate a positive reaction to that particular item. She is allergic to all kinds of trees (except white pine) and every grass on the planet. After the twenty minute round of testing, they make up syringes of the substances you weren’t showing positive to in the first barrage of tests, and inject them just under the skin, in a mapped gridwork on your upper arms and in a stronger concentration, to see what may be a border line allergen. I pitied her because you have to sit there, without itching the spots they infect you with for that original twenty minutes, after which, they clean it off with alchol and give you ice packs to stop the itch.
She can’t take the shots they give, because of being on a beta blocker… and they said using an epinephrine pen would be dangerous with it also, because it could cause severe tachycardia. You would only use it in a severe case of anaphylaxis anyway.
Well, gee…… ain’t this just a special thing to hear from a physician……… Vicki already knew all this, but I wanted her to go, keep the visit and see if there were any new medicines on the market that she hadn’t already tried. There is only the one that she didn’t already try, but she tried one very similar before. Who knows…… maybe it may help.
After leaving there and getting a bite to eat, we grabbed an oil filter element for our furnace, which had plugged solid and shut the furnace down. I believe it was my fault, because I replaced the nozzle and forgot to open the shutoff valve, which sucked the sludge and crap into the filter when it emptied the canister. It was too late then…… I should have grabbed a filter when I picked up the nozzle, except that I absent mindedly figured on just keeping the nozzle on the shelf in the basement so I had a spare. (should have had a spare filter too… I will next time… all for under $10.00)
Well…… today, we will mark and start to dig our post holes for the bunny house. We need to go to GNH Lumber (possibly) and pick up materials needed for the rear porch roof and the posts for the bunny house. I’ll need to increase our lumber list with Middle Field Lumber as far as 2x4’s go today too, I guess…… We can do all this today, just as soon as the rain subsides.

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