Wednesday, April 8

Wed. April 8th… The Day after Vick’s Birthday & We’re Still Celebrating……

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Vicki had a lovely Birthday and I made her a brownies in place of a cake. (she’s not a cake person) We enjoyed a perfect seafood dinner at Brio’s in Phoenicia. If you’re ever in Phoenicia, NY, just off of route 28, out of Kingston, on your way north, make sure you stop in Phoenicia, to try out their food. EXCELLENT!!!!! Well worth a special trip if you can spare the time. We’ve added pictures of our entire day out and about, below. Enjoy them…

We’ve had two chicks hatch out and more on the way. It’s really hard to keep the humidity up so the egg shells stay soft and permeable so the chick can breath. As soon as number two is in the heating box, we are gonna place a bunch of soaked paper towels under the screen and allow them to hold the moisture and make it easier to re-saturate them, rather than pouring water into little troughs. If you miss the troughs, the water runs out all over the table, through little holes in the bottom of the incubator.

We just spent a little time with Iggy and Luke, both in the barn and out in the pasture, so they can continue to become used to us. This morning, I gave them a little feed in their pans and while Luke was eating, I scratched his ears and rubbed his neck. This is the closest I’ve been allowed to be with them. They will kick readily if approached, especially when both are in the confined area of the stalls. When we harness them, we’ll have to make sure one is out and one is in, so we can harness them one on one. That way we can move easily along side them and the other alpaca will not spook the one we approach. With them both in there, as one watches you approach, the other bumps it or moves and scares the one you are trying to approach, then the both jump and kick. It’s kind of like…… shoot now and ask questions later… only, kick now and see what made that noise or movement afterward. I haven’t been kicked yet, but I know I will be. Isabelle said it feels like a bee sting…… it only hurts for a minute or so and isn’t all that bad. I won’t mind if they do kick me, but I don’t think I’ll put myself in a position to be kicked until they are used to me anyway. Then I won’t feel so bad and like I caused it to happen by approaching them before they are used to us. I guess Luke will be the easiest. I understand that Iggy might have been abused a little at one time or another, so he’ll need a little more tender loving care… Something Vicki and I have a lot of and can give regularly.

Around noon, we are gonna go for soup and bread. We enjoy soup day, once a week at the Two Kids Bakery.

Later in the evening, we are going to Lexington for dinner with family. I hopefully will be able to learn a little bit about Photoshop Elements 7 from my nephew, Kenny… if he isn’t out with friends tonight.

Beautiful lake made by the beavers

A paradise setting in the North

A beautiful place called St. Joesph's Passage

How very picturesque. This is calandar material.

None of this is posted land

More beaver activity. click on the pictures to enlarge and see the tree the beaver are cutting down.

A beautiful trout stream

Devils Tombstone State Park

Bear carvings... how cute

Rip Van Winkle himself

The Phoenicia Indians

The Phoenicia Post Office.

Above is the Phoenicia Grocery Store, Beer distributor, Inspection Station...all purpose store.

This is main street. Such a quaint little town.

A Mini Park.
The bulletin board and the ALARM.

An original fire alarm monument.

A hose tower. Originally used for drying fire hoses.
Now advertises "Learn to rappel" ...... maybe both.

Such a tiny fire house to have a hose drying tower....... Quaint.

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