Friday, May 8

Fri. May 8th… Back from the doctor and all’s Well… And we got Plants!!

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We’re back from the doctor’s appointment and all went well for Vick. This was Vick’s first office visit with this doctor and she really likes him, so now going won’t be such a dreaded bummer……
After the appointment, we went to Cross Gates Mall for Vick to pick up her favorite body wash and lotions while they were still on sale at the “Bath and Body Works.” We then drifted around by Altamont to see if the Agway up there might have their Heliotrope flowers out yet. They did and we bought a whole flat of twelve plants. We shower the entire rear deck with their sweet, rich smell all summer long. They get such a beautiful, deep purple flower and when the wind drifts across them their heavenly fragrance is carried everywhere on the deck. We just love them.
I think we’ll go to the garden pond and rake all the crap from around it and the surrounding area, then lift the net we placed over the pond last fall to keep leaves and junk out and make it much easier to open in the spring. Since spring is here, I think it’s time to clean and open it before the surrounding perennials grow up through the net. Once open, I can install the pump and we can get the waterfall going.
Once the pond is completed…… we will go to the foundation nightmare and attempt to ready it ourselves. After that, I’ll call Jeff and tell him he can now pour it and with him out of the way, the rest of the hospice gift shop will then be under Vicki and my control and we’ll just simply “Git er’ Done”…………
But, then again... maybe not... as it has just come to be a possibility that we might just go to Grossman's in Hudson to see about a bunny door... We'll see later this evening.

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