Saturday, May 9

Sat Eve, May 9th… Another Lousy day of feeling lousy… Surprised??? I'm Not...

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Man… I don’t know what’s going on under this skin of mine right now, but I’m having a real on and off time with upset stomach, back ache, sore fingers and inflamed tendons and ligaments in my knees and ankles on a regular basis. I take Ibuprofen for the inflammation and it makes my stomach queasy… don’t take it and my knees ache like a toothache, above and below the knee cap. I sure hope this isn’t how I’m gonna live my life on a regular basis, from day to day. One thing hurts, so I favor it and make something else hurt. Psoriasis really sucks! (So, in fact, do many other peoples ailments too, so I guess I’ll quit bitchin’ about mine all the time)

In between my aliments today, I managed to run the Cub Cadet for Jeff. I carried tons of stone for the hospice gift shop foundation and they ran the tamper around, installed the plastic and rebar, then put the fence mesh material down and twist tied it all together. Monday, Jeff is going to pour and finish the concrete, first thing in the morning. I heard him tell the concrete place to make this their first stop. We are also going to use the fiber cement to help insure the foundation and floor won’t crack. I am very pleased with the results we achieved now and I believe it will be a problem free floor for many years to come.

Tuesday, our steel roofing should be at GNH Lumber, so once we get that, we will put the purlins on, install the steel and close off the gable end, soffit and facia. Then, we can cut the interior door into the barn. We thought the bunnies would be gone tomorrow but with the sickness at Reggie and Keren house, they wanted to wait another week. That certainly isn’t a problem, because as soon as the roof and everything is finished, we can move the bunnies into the new bunny house. That will be cool anyway.

Haven’t heard from Herman and his friend yet…… and that puzzles me a little, because Hermie said they would come over before the weekend to see the job and discuss it. It’s not like Herman to not show up or call. Monday, I’ll call him if we haven’t heard from him.

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Door on Bunny Brothel...

It's a shitty job, but someone has to do it!

The Cluckin' "A" Dogs...

This is Christa. She did the chicken coop today and walked the alpacas. She is our farm hand.


Aaaaaaah... it can't be that hard to start...

A whole bunch of nesters perking clutches of eggs. If all works out, we'll have about 6 hens with chicks.

Movin stones..... about nine tons in all.

Remember that shitty job...... not quite as fun as walking alpacas, I must say.
She worked hard and did well!

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