Sunday, May 10

Sun. May 10th… Sunrise Begins Another Day… Except that it’s Mother’s Day…

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Remove Formatting from selectionHappy Mother’s Day!! You know you can bestow this happy event on someone you love, even if she is not a mother… this is especially so since they perform the same motherly functions with grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or friends and neighbor kids. It’s not just about biological mothers anymore you know!
I was awoken this morning at three o’clock with stomach pain and a desire to rid myself of my dinners drink also, so I went to the bathroom and returned to bed to watch Roseanne for a few minutes, before falling back to sleep. The stomach pains were alleviated upon moving around as several burps rattled from deep within me. For some reason, I am blessed with lots of stomach gas which is high up in the stomach and burping like a pig, relieves it for a period of time. It’s annoying when it awakens you. I know, I know… bitching again…I’ll stop.

I have no idea what we will do today, since it is cold and uncomfortable out there. Later in the day, we will entertain Vick’s family again for mother’s day, so there is a little preparation necessary there. We have to go to P&L Deli, in Westerlo for the dinner items which we ordered last week, but since Reggie and Keren cancelled the receipt of the bunnies until next week, due to their illnesses, we don’t have that to do today.

Yesterday, Vicki and I had Luke and Iggy out for a walk and Christa walked Bollero on his lead. We want to do this more often…… perhaps several times a week, to keep them used to their harness and leads, and to get closer to them so they trust us more. Iggy, the one that was severely abused, was the easiest and mellowest of the three when you get right down to working among them. All Iggy needed was a little extra time to get to know us and feel comfortable around us…… I knew the trust would come later and still will, more and more. He now feels comfortable around us when we are in close quarters with him and once on the harness and lead, he is a perfect gentleman. Luke is a little jumpy yet and doesn’t want to be lead away from the pack at all. Bollero is still just a baby and relies on the elders for protection all the time, so if he is out of sight or not directly in contact with them, he is extremely jumpy and fussy… to the point of softly mooing until he is reunited with them.
We love them more and more every day and really enjoy being around them and interacting with them in the stable or field. They are coming to us more and more during our daily functions around them and we have found that the really do want to cuddled and nuzzled under the chin and have their ears scratched… all but Iggy that is, who still isn’t really big on unnecessary touching. Besides, Iggy is in charge and he has a reputation as the sentry to fulfill and maintain; not a position to be taken lightly. In his country, the sentry was responsible for the herd’s safety. It was his job to sound the alarm if anything out of the ordinary was noticed that might place the herd in danger. We heard Iggy emit a series of loud barks one afternoon, because he saw something out in the brush, beyond the pasture. I think it was a chicken milling around in the leaves, but Iggy didn’t care… he sounded off and made the others aware and take notice to it also. They are so interesting to be around. We’d love to have many more.

As a final thought, I apologize for missing the picture editing last evening. I did it this morning and re-posted the same pictures below, without the inscriptions. See the difference editing the quality and lighting makes?

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