Sunday, May 10

Sun Eve May 10th… Looks Like Phillip is a Goner… Unseen for 36 Hours…

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It appears that Phillip has either been nabbed by a predator or has taken off for parts unknown. I hope it is the later, but who knows. He was last seen Saturday morning, shortly after being released by Vicki. Christa worked at cleaning the new hen house in the barn and I dumped several loads of chicken manure on the pile and saw Phillip out in the woods, just beyond the manure pile, during the first load. I didn’t see him after that and just assumed he was flitting around as usual. Of course we went out for dinner with our friends Stanley and Joyce later in the evening and upon returning, we put all the animals away for the evening. Phillip was not on the roost in the outdoor run of the old chicken house as usual, so we looked in the duck house and the new barn. He was no where to be found. With the days events in mind, we figured he was caught in the late afternoon thunderstorm and went somewhere else for shelter. Today, he never showed up and this evening, he was missing at roosting time again, so we firmly believe he was captured by one of our obviously routine predators, as were many of our chickens lately.
Tomorrow, Jeff will be here to pour the cement for the hospice gift shop early in the morning, so I will sit out at the edge of the yard for quite awhile with the shotgun, looking for a predator to eliminate. This has gone too far without retribution, which will happen tomorrow, if he comes around again. I will sit and watch and listen as I read or something, but I will spend time at the woods edge, where it seems our birds are disappearing daily. Enough is enough…

Mother’s day went well here this evening with Vick’s family. Everyone had enough to eat, with three different kinds of shish-ka-bob’s per person… beef, chicken and shrimp... then there was a green tossed salad, potato and macaroni salad and bananas Foster for dessert.
Vick’s mom has the same upset stomach and backache as I have now, so we really feel it is a virus or some crud we both caught, somewhere along the line.

We must say that we are very humbled, to have so many fine friends out there following our blog daily. We receive so many encouraging emails on a daily basis that it is sometimes difficult to answer them all, but we love reading them all and want you to know that even if you do not receive a personal reply, we appreciate your thoughts, feelings and above all your friendship. PLEASE… continue to email anytime!
It is very overwhelming to know that you all look forward to reading what we have to write about. We really enjoy sharing our lives with you… especially if you can live a dream through our everyday adventures with the animals and farm life. If you derive pleasure out of seeing the photographs we take of our current daily activities, we want to continue to supply you with those threads of happiness. After all, we both clung to threads exactly like these for years as we lived different lives in different states, laboring with everyday jobs, taking orders from boss's, until cruel fate crushed our lives and God placed us together, to retire in upstate New York. It was these very threads that we clung to over the years...... thoughts, wants and desires of such a farm... that we planted to start the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm and allowed it to expand, using those years of photos, memories and dreams to mold the outcome. We are still creating and expanding daily as we dream together.

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