Monday, May 11

Monday May 11th… Got a Real Early Start on the Hospice House…

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They were here this morning at 10:30 to start on the foundation, knowing that the cement truck would be here at 11:00. Jeff said Saturday afternoon when he left, that he ordered the cement for this morning first off, but someone changed their mind and we were scheduled for the second delivery. It was just as well, because Bob and Ricky weren’t finished with the rebar placement in the haunch when the truck arrived anyway. The truck operator started dumping immediately after the re-bar was tied in and Jeff arrived. It looks pretty good, but I think we will dig down after the forms are off and install a footer drain all the way around and feed it into the drain pile that runs through the foundation from the back yard. That should almost guarantee the pad will not heave in the frost this winter.

Tomorrow, the steel roofing for the bunny brothel should arrive per GNH Lumber and if so, we will install it immediately upon retrieval to the farm from the store. After the roof an all is on, we can cut the inside door to the main barn, remove the bunnies to the bunny house until ready to go to Reggie and Keren’s house. Once the bunnies are in the new room, we can have the door and make the alpacas stall bigger too.
We (actually, “I” is the correct word here) got the wrong size main beams for the rear porch, so we will have to return the 2x8’s and pick up 2x12’s in their place. Once that is accomplished, we can put them all together, glued and clamped then nailed and screwed with the plywood in the center. We’ll make up a twenty one foot beam to be used on the rear deck roof project. Herman and his brother-in-law will be here tomorrow to look the job over and see the material we have for it. After talking to them, we’ll take the lumber back and get the right stuff... then build it. We got some regular pictures that might interest you, showing our progress on the farm, and then we have some excellent interest pictures and a little video of a beaver. Check everything out and enjoy. Don’t forget to leave any comments you care to make….good or bad… Let us know how we’re doing.

With all these pictures, maybe we'll hold the beaver video for tomorrow. Stay tuned then for the further adventure of Bucky Beaver.

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