Tuesday, May 12

Tues. May 12th… Here We Went All Over Again… SORRY..

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As happens from time to time when you are using the internet as much as we are… I got a virus again! Not a malicious virus injected into my computer like it sounds, but a bunch of registry mistakes, lingering threads of old deleted files … fragmented , as they call them. That is bad enough and happens over a long period, but then couple that with all the spyware, addware, registry cleaners and virus protection we maintain on the computer… all working together and you can see how every 9 months to a year, you have a non-functional computer. Mine was to the point of giving me stupid error messages that you couldn’t get rid of or cure. I learned my lesson about going to the “specialists” who charge you hundreds of dollars only to have you reload windows later, when nothing really works. They don’t mind telling you it must be a nasty virus, so just install your recovery disc. Now… I just download all the necessary files and documents, dump the hard drive and reload it and start from scratch. I can do it now in about 12 hours, if all goes well or within 24 hours with trouble. Anyway you look at it, The problem is solved. I started at 10:00 PM last evening and was done by 11:00 this morning.
After that, we went to Two Kids Bakery for a lunch of Vegitarian stew with home made bread. We chatted with Keren and Reggie a little, then took off for Hilltown Agway for our Chicken starter mash. We talked to Paul about the alpaca food we were buying for $21.00 and why Dean’s Mills in Coxsackie was selling alpaca feed for $12.69? We rode down and purchased a bag of his and returned to Hilltown to compare tags and found that we can buy a sweet mix, 50 lb. bag of feed for $9.50 a bag and very comparable.
We are going for dinner right now at 8:41 and when we return, I’ll post the beaver movie. See ya then.

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