Tuesday, May 12

Tues. Eve ... Well We’re Back from the Twelve Tribes and Full...

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We had our dinner at the Twelve Tribes “Oak Hill Kitchen” and really enjoyed it. We didn’t start out with the intentions of going there, because we were planning to go to Frank’s Green Hill Café in Norton Hill. When we approached the café, we noticed that the light at the street was off indicating he was closed. It was only 9:30, so we were really surprised that he was closed. We decided to go to the Wayside Inn in Oak Hill, which is a nice little tavern/restaurant type place we eat in ocassionally. They were closed too!! At that juncture... we had little choice but to to to the Oak Hill Kitchen which is run by the Twelve Tribes Commune. The food is excellent, but a little pricey, so we don’t frequent it very often. We both had soup, a sandwich and a rootbeer and our bill came to $27.00......... $32.00 with the tip. You can see why we don’t go there often.
We found a recorded call on the answering machine this afternoon when we got home, which was from GNH Lumber, telling us our metal roofing was in. We found it too late in the evening to go and pick it up for today, but we will get it tomorrow and place the purlins on and then the roof. Once done, we can cut the inside door and move the bunnies into the new room.
Herman and his brother-in-law are supposed to come tomorrow to look at the deck roof. I need to return the 2x8’s and pick up 2x12’s for the ridge beam. We’ll do that when we get the roofing. Herman might be here and then again he might not. THAT... seems to be his MO...... at least that’s what I’ve seen in the past. We’ll see.
Well, here is the pictures of Bucky Beaver and a little video of him being annoyed with us. (as you can see by the tail slapping)

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