Wednesday, May 13

Wed. May 13th... The Forms are Stripped & the Roof is Here... WOW!!!

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Things are beginning to happen quickly again...... Jeff showed up this morning with his crew and cleaned up the framing lumber, pins and other stuff lying around the Hospice Gift Shop foundation, so now it is ours again. We will allow the concrete to cure the rest of this week, and begin construction next week.

In the mean time, we will concentrate on the roof for the “Bunny Brothel” and getting the inside door installed and the bunnies in there. We must go to GNH Lumber and pick up the metal roofing, the flashing and screws this morning, and meet Herman here at noon to look over the rear deck project. I picked up 2x8’s for the ridge beam in my haste, when we were picking up the materials for the project, so I will have to return the lumber for that and pick up the correct 2x12”s and then Vick and I can construct the 20 foot main ridge beam so it is glued, clamped, nailed and screwed together when Herman and his brother-in-law is ready to start. We’ll return the wrong stuff and pick up the right ones when we pick up the roofing.
Well, I gotta go let the animals out so they can peck around all day and be happy. Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Phillip has left the farm for good it seems! I’d guess that if he didn’t meet his doom at the talons of mister hawk, fox or coyote last Saturday evening after that thunderstorm, he left the area and is strutting around somewhere else. We miss him, but both Vicki and I agreed that keeping an animal in a cage or pen it’s entire life is not what is natural, nor what we want to do... with the exception of the alpacas, which wouldn’t run off, but just simply graze off the property and mosey along, carefree, until they were gone. We do have to pen the bunnies, because they have no defense against the many predators both day and night, (rabbits are pretty low in the old food chain) so we provide them with a closed room where they are penned, so we can place them on grooming tables once a week to brush them out so they don’t become matted. We will allow them to run freely in that room as we groom them weekly.

We are really enjoying the Canadian Geese as they raise their brood of ducklings in our back yard. There are two separate families of them now... one with 7 little ones and another family with only 2 little ones. All are constantly picking bugs and seeds. At least once a day we get to see how they take to the water, to teach them to dive here and pop up there, as a diversionary tactic, in case of an assault from the air by a predator. There are several pairs out there without young, so we believe they may be from last years brood, returning with Mom and Dad, but haven't had young yet. How we love to co-exist among the wildlife and we are very surprised that they allow us be so near their young, when they chase other of their own kind away. Sometimes they honk and bob their heads as they parade the little guys toward us, as if to present or introduce their young to us, asking our opinion or approval. How busy our days can be, just watching the life around us. We love it and appreciate all our blessings as we live our lives and meet new friends. If you're ever in the area, come visit us... we love when friends stop by.

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