Thursday, May 14

Thurs Eve May 14th... Still suffering... Don’t We All? Almost Daily???

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We had a day worth forgetting basically. First we had a visit by the Culligan salesman who tap danced for us, just as the repair man said he would..... “And after he tap dances for awhile, he’ll give you the lowest price his boss will allow.....which he knows when he arrives.” That is exactly what happened. We are getting our reverse osmosis filter system back again and later a new chlorine additive system to remove sulfur when it comes back to haunt us. We will get all this for a really nice price of a couple of grand..... Jeese, I hate dealing with people that keep feeding us candied dung.

After he left us, we got into the truck and headed for Shokan, to pick up the door for the hospice Gift shop which the Door Jamb set up for us. When we got the door loaded, we kept on heading up route 28 to Shandaken, where we jumped unto route 42, heading for Lexington, to visit with Vick’s family. We had a bite to eat with them and enjoyed coffee and a nice visit. While there, we unpacked and set-up her Mom’s new Topsy-Turvy tomato growing system, which we got her for mother’s Day. It is a free standing three unit style, unlike the singles we have in service on the rear deck. Vick bought one for her Mom and one for us, so we have to set ours up and get the plants in it soon too.

Did I mention that we thought the hawk got Donald, the trump... chicken? Vicki was heartbroken and not very happy about losing her, (originally we thought she was a rooster...thus, the Donald) especially to a lousy hawk, which we know has been picking our chickens off one at a time. Donald started coming to her, every time he saw her out in the yard.... He would come to her, let her pick her up and she would coo to her while Vick held her. Well... tonight we returned from her parents and when we went to feed the animals and gather eggs, we saw “the Donald” in the little barn. She is alive and well. Obviously, she had gone under the hen house, in the outside run area and holed up, out of sight, because Vicki looked everywhere last night and when she couldn’t find her...... was simply heartbroken. This evening, she has recovered 100%!!
We read that if we suspended old CD’s from fishing line, high in the trees in the back yard, it would help deter the hawk from hunting in the back yard, because the flashing CD’s confuse the hawk when he is hunting and the flashing light hurts their eyes. That, coupled with music, will discourage hawks from hanging around. We can’t stand to loose chickens on a regular basis and Vick seems to think we have been feeding this hawk for about a year, based on the chicken loss we have had. I don’t know.... she very easily could be correct, because we’ve lost a slew of chickens in the last year.

Tomorrow, we are going to install the purlins on the bunny house, and then the steel roofing. We already have a little inside entrance door to install, which will give us entry from inside the barn. We’ll have to install lights, receptacles and a grooming table in the center to groom the Angoras. We were informed by Claudia, that the doe had four bunnies for us. One was born dead or we would have had five, but we’re happy with the four. We will be getting them as soon as they can leave the mother, so we need to finish up the bunny house.

Any part of this day not mentioned here, was engulfed in fighting with my computer, trying to get it to operate properly. It was changing the settings at random, all by itself, reverting from 32 bit color to 8 bit and the processor sounded like it was in a road race to somewhere, all the time. It finally has settled down, on 32 bit color and working ok.
I’ll refrain from doing another complete hard drive reload as long as it works like it is right now, but if the settings change again....... it’s re-boot from hard disc time again. We’ll see.

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