Friday, May 15

Friday May 15th... "The Italian Kiss of Death" Spell Broken...

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Since Ms Donald has turned up unscathed and healthy, it has finally broken the seemingly legitimate belief which Vicki has been complaining about. She felt she was somehow inflicted with the old “Italian Kiss of Death curse.” I was actually beginning to believe she might have a point, because I started thinking back to Percy, the little pigeon sized Bantam that came to her call like a puppy. Then after that, was a long line of chickens that she took special interest in and I then actually had to admit, that they had all met with some queer fate of becoming extinct in one manner or another. I was overjoyed when we opened the door to the little barn and Ms Donald came walking out of the tunnel into the barn. (The tunnel joins the outside chicken run to the inside of the chicken barn, and runs along the inside wall of the duck room, creating a tunnel. The ducks nest or sit on the tunnel in their room, enjoying the rise above the floor for roosting at night.) Anyway, we were ecstatic that she is ok!
First thing today, we’ll unload the door we picked up from The Door Jamb in Shokan, yesterday and we will house it in the garage with the windows until we get the Hospice Gift Shop framed out and ready for them. We should be able to actively build on the cement pad by Monday I’d think. We are going to work at that at our leisure and enjoy the donation of the cost of building the gift shop, rather than look at it as a job. We are certainly hoping that an open house when finished and possibly being able to erect a nice sign at the end of our road by route 32 will help to make this fund raising endeavor a success for years to come for the Columbia/Greene County Hospice organization.
Today, we will finish up the Bunny Brothel, (I hope) because Claudia will be supplying us with four, huge, Angora bunnies as soon as they are big enough to leave their Mommy. We will have plenty of time before the bunnies arrive, but we need to build an inside door entrance, move the other bunnies in, build four new hanging crates with catch pans and install electric receptacles for their shearing, along with a nice grooming table so they can be brushed weekly. This will not be a large amount of work, but we do still have the gift shop and rear deck roof to build. It turns out that Vicki and I will be building it ourselves, because everyone else up here says they will and never show up, so we are our own best, reliable builders.

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