Monday, May 25

Mon eve May 25th... Our Memorial Day Picnic Was Very Relaxing......

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We entertained Vick’s parents, Joe and Anita, her brother and family, Rich and Robin, Kenny and Katie this afternoon with a cook out picnic and visit on the rear deck. Everyone enjoyed the food and watching all the animals running around the yard. I turned the turkeys loose to run this morning, hoping they would meet up with and hang out with Tina. The company would do her good, because she has been all alone since Timmy died last Friday.
We really didn’t do any real work today, because it seems we can give this day to the veterans and celebrate the holiday in their honor. We did go for gasoline to mow the pond banks so Vick’s family could see the geese and chickens. Besides, it looked pretty ratty for the holiday, or we wouldn’t have even performed that much work. The swimming pool is now back to normal now; liner replaced and the water refilled. We simply filled it using the garden hose, running it several hours a day, ever since they replaced the liner and straightened out the wrinkles on the bottom. At least it is back to normal for the summer, and we plan to use it since we had to pay for a liner and reinstallation out of our pocket. The insurance didn’t cover a thing since it was ice damage, per the jackal that was here and checked it. I knew it wouldn’t be covered! I ask you all now...... why the hell do we even buy insurance? They never cover most things that happen... I dropped the insurance on my camper because of the same thing. It sits there doing nothing and I pay for coverage... and then when something happens, it’s never covered.
WHY HAVE IT??? All it does is piss you off when you hear what you know they’re gonna say. “Ohhhh... that’s not covered under the policy”

Tomorrow, Casey Mae is gonna go to the Vet’s and become a spayed little lady. Vick will be on pins and needles. Hell....... she’s been on pins and needles ever since she made the appointment with Curt to perform the spaying..... Tomorrow will be hell until curt calls and says everything is fine and she is ok. Boy... I can’t wait for that call to come. Once the operation is over and she comes home, we will not leave her out of our sight until the staples are out and she is healed. Wednesday is the last day of Stanley’s watercolor class, and Casey Mae is going to the class with us. She will just sleep in her crate anyway. I suppose we might work on the hospice gift shop tomorrow too. We’ll see.

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