Saturday, May 30

Sat. May 30th... What a Beautiful Day We Had Today... and a wall is Up!!!

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We went to Albany for Vick to grab more material for curtains here in the house. She wanted to make her own shear fabric curtains that the wind could ruffle as it comes into the rooms, kind of like we remember as kids. There is something so quaint and comfy about a pair of silk curtains blowing in a slight breeze in the evenings. I don’t know what it is, but it transports you back in life to a simpler time when you were young and never had a care in the world. Somehow for me, lying in bed with curtains furling gently as the breeze comes in through a window is about as calming as can be!

We had a bunch of hatchlings in the brooding house today. We have a ducky out of the incubator and into the brooding box this evening with another two to three ducks trying to hatch at this minute. We had two regular chickens, a Bantam and a Guinea fowl hatch also, with a few more on the way tonight. It’s actually hard to tell what I’ll find in the morning when I go out there, but it’s really fun to see them. I’d say we now have about 75 to 80 birds in that brooding house now, with more ready to come out of the shells. I believe we’re going to reload both of the incubators and hatch out a bunch more and sell them. Agway can’t keep up with the demand anymore..... They’re like a month or two behind with some breeds not available at all. We will caution anyone asking to buy chicks, that they need to be doing that as a labor of the love to have chickens, getting an egg or so occasionally, because they will never make money selling eggs, that’s for sure. The feed is outrageously priced and a chicken can really pack the pellets and scratch feed away, unless they can free range every day... even in the rain. If you don’t do everything right, you will probably be paying @5.00 a dozen after your initial equipment costs. Also, you can conceivably spend hundreds of dollars in cage materials and supplies, feeders, watering devices, etc., etc. Another thing we will tell them is that if they like to have nice flower beds or potted plants around the house, then you don’t want chickens. Our flower beds look like a mining town. Chickens have dug whole plants and shrubs completely out of the flower beds with their infernal digging and dusting. There is no way you can keep them out either. If you use fencing, they just fly over it... use anything to cover them and they tear it off.... Believe me... they are impossible if you want things nice and neat around you home. You better talk to other folks with chickens to see that I’m telling the gospel truth! Give it up unless you want to watch and hear chickens!
This afternoon when we returned from Albany, we went to work on the first wall of the Hospice Gift Shop and by dark we had it framed and standing, propped and bolted to the concrete. Tomorrow, the rear wall goes up and then we tie them into one another with the two ends. After we get to that point, we’ll have to stop and take stock of our lumber and see how we want to pursue the porch deck. I know we have the roof rafters, but I don’t really know if bought the porch flooring and framing materials. I don’t think the designer program I have gives that material list and I never even thought about that. No biggie! We’ll just call our resident sawyer, Mr. Ed Pooters, Jr. of Middle Field Lumber and request the necessary lumber when I know what it is. He just loves supplying the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, LLC, with his lumber! Jeeze... we’re his best advertising tool.

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