Saturday, May 30

Sat May 30th... The Sun has Returned to Warm the World Today... How Nice!

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The Sun crested the ridge this morning sending streaks of vivid reds and pinks across the horizon in widening bands. I don’t know what ever happened to the old sailor’s adage of “Red at night, sailors delight; red in morning, sailor’s warning”. It doesn’t seem to hold true for us “land lubbers”, that’s for sure. Today will be a beautiful day. It’s a little breezy, cool and really bright. Perfect weather for getting out there and making some saw dust fly. (Hey Julie... I’m not lookin’ out the window anymore, but I’m still that lil’ boy!)

Just got off of Kevin’s rant ( where I was reading about our “clear and present danger” of mellonheads trying to change the constitution. They want to actually do away with the 22nd amendment, dealing with term lengths. Come on now..... Let’s all use our heads a little bit here. Congress passed the amendment on March 21, 1947... It was just after FDR successfully led us through a depression and World War II with his leadership. Do you think congress was pissed off that Roosevelt was instrumental in those four years, of saving our country? Maybe they thought that since FDR died, during his fourth term, that another great American president may come along and do the same, so congress decided to limit a president’s term to just two four year terms. Not likely... I believe the congress of 1947 was intelligent enough to take steps to protect our country; not from a good president, but from the mistake that a president might make by becoming overly complacent and overly confident in his decisions...... or worse yet, a president that hasn’t had that much experience and makes executive decisions based on those cabinet members around him... members with bad information or their own agendas. Sometimes the American public is blinded by promises of change needed so badly, that manipulating presidential advisors can inject their agendas to control and mislead people... possibly keeping one president in power forever. Given the correct influence, you can have a dictatorship, even though you have an election.... much as we’ve seen in some foreign countries.
Given all this thought, by the congress of a country returned from ruin, as was the case in 1947 and right after the death of F. D. Roosevelt, Why would we think our government of today is that much smarter than those of 1947? Our government today, isn’t very successful at anything and hasn’t been for the last decade.
Most of our congressmen are young... and many of our Senators are young too. Those that are older and wiser are few...... and are usually out voted by the many younger ones. Think of this; when did you ever hear of a single term Senator winning a presidential seat in the white house? Well....... that happened! I’m not saying Obama is doing a bad job, or a good job, but it happened! The masses spoke in November, and just as Jay Leno showed on national TV, most that voted for him, knew nothing about him or the election in general. It was kind of like the Lemmings over a cliff, and would have been no matter who won. If they knew little of Obama, they knew little of McCain also, so I’m not being anti-Obama here, but believe me..... Government can do as they wish by simply setting the stage before the American public.
Go to and read it with an open mind. They make it sound so good and such a wise decision, but remember those wise folks in 1947 that created those limits, directly following such a successful president. They did it for a REASON..... A real good reason!

The start of the Hospice Gift Shop.

Now then..... Back to the farm. I went out this morning and freed the masses which were trapped indoors for the last two rainy days and fed everyone. Upon entering the brooding house, which is bursting at the seams with chickens, I found that three duck eggs are now poking through... along with a guinea fowl. Now that’s an accomplishment. Guinea fowl are extremely hard to incubate and care for, until they are about two weeks old. We will be extra careful with this little guy and hope the four others in there will hatch too. (Pictures below)

Our farm... everything you see is ours.

The Pupskill Bay Lake Pond. Our's as far as the eye can see too.

Two day old chicks

One to two weeks old.

These Bantams are a month old...

Due out anytime now...

This is how we do business here on the farm. You take em... leave your money in the can...

Vick is busy making sheer curtains for all the windows, so we can have them blowing in the breeze, which we both love to see and think makes everything seem so “country quaint.” I suppose later, we will pick up on the hospice gift shop and see if we can get some walls up and in place. It’s nice building now, because there is no frantic push or schedule we have to follow. Although we want to get it done, so we can go and enjoy the summer seeing sights and doing things away from here, we don’t necessarily need to rush like the buildings that house animals. That makes working on this project enjoyable.

More Later on this evening... Stay Tuned.

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