Thursday, May 28

Thurs May 28th... Rain Is Falling Onto Other Rain and Then Unto More Rain...

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It appears to us that there is a crushing affect to rain falling unto other rain, because the raindrops never remain round. They immediately crush to a flat film of water upon impact with the other crushed raindrops already there. One would ask themselves, if anyone ever investigated this to see if this phenomenon is really happening as we see it. Perhaps we’re missing something. Have you ever observed rain hitting the windshield on a car? It doesn’t matter if you are sitting still or moving at sixty five miles per hour... the result is the same. How can this be?
Also; think of a big bug, observed flying straight toward the windshield, just milliseconds before inevitably contacting it. They never seem to hit the windshield, but always manage to poop or pee all over it as they barely whizz by it. Did you ever notice that they always do one or the other, on their way past the glass? Sometimes they even sound like they throw a little stone or stick as they squeeze by... at least I’ve heard the little tap as they pass by, but in addition to throwing something, they always crap or pee on they way by too.
The other night, on the way home, we encountered a whole swarm of ninja bugs, that attacked us unmercifully, by throwing stuff at us that you could hear but not see. None of them defecated or splashed the windshield either! Odd I thought... these little guys ambushing us...... throwing things, yet not messing up our windshield.
Hemmm, I wonder what their intent was??? I never confer about these things with Vicki though. She’s a registered nurse you know and I don’t want her making appointments for me with doctors that think they know all about this kind of stuff, then end up asking you to explain it to them.
You know what? I just observed more rain drops hitting the rear deck at eye level and they appear to splat flat too. I did notice however that raindrops hitting the water in the swimming pool may remain round, because it appears that a round penetration area, momentarily splashes up when the round drop enters the water. If this isn’t so, wouldn’t the surface of the pool look like the deck when the drop hits? Aww man, I gotta think about this......

I’ll write about boring things later today, if anything less interesting happens...
But it will probably only rain all day, so what can you do but act crazy?

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