Wednesday, May 27

Wed. May 27th... Ya Win Some & Ya Lose Some, Then Some, Ya Just Piss Off......

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Remove Formatting from selection
We had suggestions to remove the music... suggestions to give an option to turn it on or off... and when we just removed it all together...... we were overwhelmed by emails to put it back on......AND PRONTO!!
I guess it’s like the old saying, “You can’t please everyone, all the time”; so, here’s how it is.
If you enjoy our music, simply turn up your speakers and enjoy.
If you don’t like loud music, turn your speakers down a little.
If you don’t want music at all, hit your mute button for your sound
If you want to hear other than our music and don’t want to turn your speakers off, then go to the music player and shut it off there
If none of these suit you, we’ll never please you and you’ll just go away and will never read our blog again. We hope this will not be the case, but there’s only so much we can do to please everyone.

We missed Stanley’s last watercolor class this evening. Vick really didn’t feel well all day long because of her hernia and her back. It was for the best anyway, because we would have had to drag Casey Mae along and have her in her crate for two and a half hours, because Vick and I both wouldn’t leave her alone with staples in her belly from her spaying yesterday. What if she jumped and tore them out and started bleeding and we weren’t here to see her. She could bleed to death. After all, she is wearing a belly band because of bleeding anyway. Besides, be it really known, I didn’t feel that well myself. I had an upset stomach this afternoon too. We’ll give Stan some of our work this week to display in the library, as usual anyway. We did hate missing his class though... as we always sign up and always enjoy his classes.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day and we will all feel a bit better.

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