Tuesday, May 5

Tues May 5th… Tragedy Strikes Today at the Cluckin’ “A”……

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Well, it happened today and right under our noses…… and I’m pissed! Obviously a band of dogs from the surrounding area came into the yard and decimated our flock of chickens profusely. There was a chicken left laying in the yard which tells me it was not coy dogs or coyotes, but a group of domestic dogs. Everyone knows that coy dogs and coyotes aren’t likely to come around a property when there are regular dogs there and surely not right out into your yard, in the middle of the day. We were sitting in the computer room when the attack occurred and we saw and heard nothing. As near as we can figure, we are missing about 50 chickens right now, but we have no idea how many are scattered out, through the woods and out into the fields or swamp, because they are slowly trickling back into the yard. We had guinea fowl sitting in trees, thirty feet off the ground and the turkeys were scattered, one in the swamp and Timmy was out in the woods, beyond where our campers are parked, on the other end of the property.
I talked with the dog law enforcement officer and told her what I suspected had happened and she agreed; a group of domestic dogs. When I finished talking to her, I told her to keep me posted, because she told me she was going to act on the free roaming dogs here in our little neighborhood area. I told her that if she heard from me again, it would be to come and pick up a dead dog, because I will shoot any dog running on the farm now; sorry. She assured me I had every right to do so in protecting our flock. I’d hate to shoot a dog, but I come from farm life and won’t hesitate for a second. (Although I’d rather shoot the people that own the dogs)
It’s now 8:30 and Vick and I just came in… We’re tired, cold, wet and MAD as hell that people in this area think they have a right to allow their dogs to run. We’re now down to the point of missing 36 birds… 10 or 11 of which, I’m sure are dead, so we’re hoping that another 25 are hunkered down in the woods and will show up at daybreak tomorrow.

Previous to this, Bollero ate his way out from under the fence again for the second time in as many days, so we went to Hilltown Agway to get wire to place all around the bottom of the existing fence so he can’t do that anymore. Had we put that wire on…… even in the rain…… we would have been out in the pasture working when this happened. Instead, we were sitting in the computer room, not 20 feet from the massacre. I sure hope tomorrow is better…… We only need this kind of crappy day once in a lifetime.

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