Monday, May 4

Mon May 4th… Looks Like A Trip To The Vet With Puppy D. Pooh Bear…

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Bear has been getting worse and worse with her coughing. Originally, when she would lie down for the evening, she would begin coughing after awhile. We took her to Curt, our Vet, some time ago and he diagnosed her with some congestive heart failure and put her on a small dose of Lasix to get rid of the fluid. Now she has gotten worse, so the medication must either be increased or she needs to actually be put on a medication for a different condition or whatever. That… is for Dr. Halsted to tell us, once he has examined Bear today, at three PM.
We are going to GNH Lumber to order the metal roofing for the Bunny Brothel today also. WOW… has that stuff shot up in price. We’re looking at about eight sheets and a partial (which we have) at about $32.00 per sheet or a whopping $256.00…… and then shortly after that, we need to order steel roofing for the rear porch roof project…… and then after that, we’ll need a bunch for the Hospice Gift Shop too.

At least when these three things are completed, we are done spending large chunks of money and we can sit back and enjoy our labors of love and giving. We hope!

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