Wednesday, May 20

Wed. May 20th... We Have a Turken in the Brooding House......

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We just placed a Turken or “Naked Neck” chicken in the brooding house this morning, moving it from the incubator because he was fully dried and ready to eat and drink. He is a cutie, with the traditional bare neck and bare head in the back..... Devoid of all feathers, they are a funny, but neat breed which is actually cold hearty, good egg layers and are very good foragers and are immune to most diseases. We have a full blooded Turken rooster in the new barn and now a hybrid Turken which we can’t tell the sex of, until a little time passes and it grows a bit. They are fairly common in Europe today, but rare in North America. I don’t care about any of that...... but would be pleased if the newborn chick was to be a pullet. That would make it much more probable that we can expect more Turken chicks to show up in the future.

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Tonight was the second evening of Stanley’s watercolor class and we enjoyed learning a few new things. We seem to always learn something, even though this is possibly our fourth or fifth watercolor course we’ve taken with Stanley. We also take his drawing classes and are trying to go to one of his daughter, Susan’s pastel classes and would like to take a college course in Pastels. Vick loves watercolor, but I’m not too full of it...... Pastels are more my speed... more forgiving... you can cover over mistakes easily and save your picture.... unlike watercolor where an entire picture and several hours of work can be lost by one mistake.

Jeff was to come this evening and start the rear deck project. DIDN’T HAPPEN....... surprised? Not me!! I wish he would have at least came over with his concrete saw and cut the relief line across the foundation pad, so I could have started the Hospice Gift Shop walls tomorrow. Not to be I guess. I’ll have to ask him about the man lift he was going to bring over for us to use to do the board and batten upstairs on the barn too. I also need that to put Vicki’s birthday present up for her as I promised...... A swing, up 35 to 40 feet in the rear pine trees on a strung cable between the two trees. Just once, I wish he would come when he is supposed to! Jeeze Um..... It seems everybody has one of those guys that is supposed to... but seldom ever does; Jeff is ours.

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