Thursday, May 21

Thurs. May 24th... Lillian Was Here!!! Exploding With Usual Energy......

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Our Friend Lillian, from Old Bridge, New Jersey, stopped to visit for a few hours this morning on her way to her sister’s house, somewhere in Massachusetts. She exited the car in her usual flurry of perpetual energy and happiness. I have never met such an energetic, excited and happy person which makes her way through life, doing anything that interests her. She just returned a while back, from a trip to Israel with a tour group of people she had never met before. You can bet the entire group’s lives have been truly enriched by having met Lillian though...... When she walks into a room, she actually causes it to light up from the energy she brings to everything she’s near or touches. She has promised to stop on her way home next time, so she can relax and stay a little longer.... visiting and enjoying the tranquility of the farm... she had mentioned possibly staying overnight and leaving for home the next morning. We enjoy her company very much and cherish her as a friend. We wish Lilly a safe trip and she and her family a special visit together.

The rest of the day will seem rather bland in comparison to Lillian’s visit, but we will trek to the library for tonight’s watercolor class with Stanley. Last night we did a group of trees on the edge of a field with an evening sky glowing over a mountain in the distance. Tonight... who knows, but it will be another evening among friends of equal interest in art and each other, so we’ll all leave happy in the end. We have become a bit closer with Carol and have agreed to go to her house for a visit with her and her husband Greg on Saturday afternoon for a bit. I’ll enjoy seeing her old farm house and all the remodeling her and Greg have done.

After tonight’s art class, we’ll return home and retire for another evening after a fun and full day of living our lives on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm and doing what we love to do... Together...

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