Friday, May 22

Friday May 22nd... Reviving the Swimming Pool Once Again... Underway...

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Once again I will be laying under the edge of a swimming pool, hooking up hoses, motors and pumps... vacuuming the bottom and spending more time around the pool than in it!! Since we’ve had this pool, I’ve been in it exactly two times... closed it and opened it, twice each, cleaned it many times and worked on it, forever it seems... as we waited for the truck to fill it the first year and the garden hose every time after that. This is the first time we have filled it from the beginning with the garden hose, after replacing the liner due to ice damage this past winter... a career move it seems; but cheaper than the several hundred dollars worth of trucked water from the Catskill Creek. At least when I put the filter and pump in today, the only dirt we will filter out will be our own from the back yard. We have been filling the pool with the garden hose for about two weeks now... maybe more, but at least it will be full and not cost us an arm and a leg.

I went out this morning and place another little black chick into the brooding box, under the heat lamp, so he could be with the other chicks, eat and drink. Vicki saw that it had hatched out last evening, but we leave them in the incubator for at least twelve to twenty-four hours before putting them out with the others. They don’t need to eat or drink for a good twenty-four hours, but they do need to be completely warm and fluffy dry before being introduced into the regular brooding box atmosphere. That first twenty four hours is critical to their survival. We still have a bunch of eggs to hatch... regular chicks, Bantams and a few Guinea fowl. (we hope)

We’ll work on the Bunny Brothel today. Batten strips still need added to the board cracks, soffits covered and some lighting added. We can open a hole into the barn later for the inside door. The rabbits, which we are giving to the Two Kids Bakery, keep getting slid ahead and now they aren’t going until Monday sometime. Reggie needed the weekend to finish up his pens and we are giving them two free standing pens also, so they should be ok for Monday. After the bunnies leave, we will have the room to open up that wall and construct the door opening and install it, so today, we will concentrate on batten boards, soffit and wiring. Maybe we could also build the grooming table for brushing the Angoras.

Doing anything on the Hospice Gift Shop is out, because Jeff needs to cut the concrete on the pad with a relief cut across the middle before I can build on it.

The rear deck is out until he and the guys come and get the main posts and ridge beam up and in place. It will be double 2x12’s, twenty feet long, placed on top of two posts and anchored to the house. The weight of the two 2x12’s with a piece of stiffener, ¾” plywood in the center, is collectively more than any one person can lift, so I had to rely on Jeff and his crew to do that and anchor everything properly. We’ll take over after that, but until then, we’re dead in the water with that job too.

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